The nocodeklub manifesto

The first rule of the nocodeklub is: you can talk about the nocodeklub.

The second rule of the nocodeklub: if you are building with no-code you’re part of the klub.

The third rule: if someone yells "how?", you need to show how you built it.

Organized by:

  • The nocodeklub is a berlin-based initiative managed by Naviu and 9x.
  • Film and share on Youtube
  • Record audio and share as Podcast

Target audience (Speakers)

  • Berlin-based operators
  • Berlin-based founders
  • Software Tools
Why: We can dominate local first and then expand


  • Operators
  • Startup Founders
  • No-code Fans
  • Investors
  • Corporates
Why: if we make it great, they will come

Value (For active members)

  • Connect with peers
  • Be found / find talent
  • Stay up to date with no-code
  • Have a blast
  • Learn

Personality / Attitude

  • We make it fun
  • Berlin-style
  • Not corporate
  • We don’t follow what the tech providers/sponsors want
  • We always try to incorporate fun elements to move away from being boring
  • No pitch. No bullshit!

Meet the founders

Diogo Guerner portrait.
Diogo Guerner
Pierre-Yves Garcia
Alexandre Kantjas
Jan Meinecke

Naviu is a B2B digital product studio that partners with founders and companies to design, develop, and launch digital products that drive business growth. They blend no code, code, and AI to deliver custom solutions 5x times faster than traditional approaches.

Check their website

9x is a automation agency that partners with companies to streamline operations using no-code and low-code solutions. They specialize in automating business processes and also offer training to empower teams to independently manage their tech.

Check their website

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