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No-code Klub is a FREE meetup where tech professionals and enthusiasts can get together, learn about no-code, drink a few beers and have a great time!

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< APRIL 19, 2023 | WED 7:00pm - 11pm CET
Cosmic Comedy Club Berlin />


What will happen?

This event is for everyone that is curious to learning about no-code. Either if you’re thinking of creating your MVP or if you work at an bigger company that is looking to optimise internal processes, this event will consist of 4 fireside chats with no-code experts.

We don’t want this to be just another conference, so we joined forces with the Cosmic Comedy Club Berlin and will have the comedian Dharmander Singh as the host for this night. Get ready to learn a lot, drink a few beers and maybe get a bit roasted 🙂

Speakers & Agenda

Doors open at 7pm and talks at 7:30!
Mariam Hakobyan
Co-Founder & CEO, Softr


Decoding the no-code craze: Mariam's journey to Softr success

Mariam is the CEO and Founder of Softr, a no-code tool that permits building full-stack apps connected to external databases. The company grew from 0 to 100K+ users in less than 2 years, focusing on word-of-mouth, virality and a passionate community. Mariam will have a lot to share about her entrepreneurial journey, the new generation of Builders that Softr empowers and her views of the future of no-code.

Fabian Q. Veit
CEO, Make


An insider's perspective on the automation industry

Fabian was one of the first employees of Celonis, the German process mining champion. In 2020, the company acquired Make, one of the most established players in the automation landscape. In this chat, Fabian, CEO of Make, will reflect on his experience and share with us some insights on the industry. We’ll discuss automation, processes but also business expansion and company culture.

Konrad Schäfers
Co-Founder & CEO, clap


MVP: Leveraging no-code for faster product-to-market fit

Konrad has extensive experience in the no-code world, having previously worked as a Tooling & Automation Expert at Zalando. He is the co-founder of clap, an innovative B2B platform that enables companies to effortlessly deliver appreciation to their employees and clients. clap's MVP was developed using no-code techniques, and Konrad will share insights into the benefits of using no-code development to move towards product-to-market fit faster.

Georg Haustein
Data Analyst & Product Manager, Cosmonaut & Kings


Enabling employees to leverage tech in their daily business: Georg's journey to No-Code

Georg is the Data Analyst and Product Manager at Cosmonauts & Kings, an agency for digital political communication in Germany. Georg is in the lead to develop a webapp to measure the interconnectedness of twitter users - all built with No-Code. Georg and Lilith will talk about Georg's journey with No-Code and how it impacts the daily business at Cosmonauts & Kings.

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